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      James GlenJames Glen

      Please read and follow or your post may be deleted and future access denied without further notice.

      1. This facility is available to regular contributors to the wider YBW forum who occasionally have a tangible item for sale.

      2. The forum limit is £400. We hope this forum will act as somewhere where we can exchange boating odds and sods, rather than a major trading post.

      3. Please state the price of the item on your post (no ‘open to offers’). Items over the limit of £400 will be removed and please do not make offers such as ‘Half of this engine for £400’ as these will be removed too.

      4. You may post links to auction websites for items that would be expected to sell for less that the £400 limit of this forum – please include a starting bid and/or ‘buy now’ price.

      This allows users who want to sell products (within the forum limit) to do so in a secure environment (for the buyer and the seller). However, we will still not allow links to BOATS FOR SALE (except tenders), whether that be on auction sites or otherwise.

      5. If you are posting a link to eBay in your thread, please state so in the thread title or your thread may be removed.

      6. Please do not advertise animals, weapons, pharmaceuticals/drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or rentals (such as boats, berths, moorings, kit, property), etc., items for sale should be a one-time purchase of a physical boating item.

      7. This is not a place to advertise company websites or wholesale, goods or services, it’s for private individuals selling items they no longer want, not for commercial ventures.

      Failure to comply with the above may result in your posts being removed and/or your access to this section of the forum being disabled without notice.

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