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Mark-Heloise Maylin

Hi Andrew,

I think the last version was 2002! Andy Carnduff is currently working on an updated version but it’s not available yet.

As long as you are comfortable taking the ground alongside a wall most places are accessible. Elie, St Monans, Anstruther, Limekilns, Dysart, Fisherrow are all possible. If you’d rather stay afloat your options in the Forth are a lot more limited. North Berwick has moorings just outside their crowded harbour (best on a neap tide or you might hit something hard on the bottom, we did.), Dunbar will keep you afloat but again, best on neaps. Port Edgar should have water. Granton is usually good but currently in desperate need of dredging as it is badly silted up.

If you venture slightly further afield, Eyemouth is very deep, good and accessible except in strong onshore winds. Arbroath is similarly deep and accessible about 3 or 4 hours either side of high water and before 8pm.

Happy to discuss any of these with you if you would like further information.

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