Aberdour Boat Club Regatta 2021

Our 146th annual Regatta will be held on Saturday 24th July.

The Regatta will consist of the usual yacht races starting at 1415 (please click HERE for the Sailing Instruction and Course Chart document), followed by a BBQ at the clubhouse at 1700.

Application form can be found here: Race Entry and course. Please complete the form and send to the ABC Sailing Secretary Andy Oldfield at sailing_secretary@aberdourboatclub.co.uk, or bring along with you on the day.

In addition to those racing, it would be great to see some of our new members coming along to the BBQ.

In light of the ongoing COVID restrictions we have decided to make the event a bring your own bottle as running a proper bar with table service would stretch our resources.

To help with numbers for catering it would be useful, but not vital, to have an idea of those planning to race, attend the BBQ or both, so if you can please send me a quick email (treasurer@aberdourboatclub.co.uk) stating you intent, that would be greatly appreciated.

Lets hope the current good weather continues till next weekend.

Kind regards

Jim Watson

ABC Treasurer


24 Jul 21


2:15 pm - 8:00 pm
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