3 Islands Race – 5th September 2021

Please see message below from Andy Carnduff:

Hi All.

I’ve heard nothing formally of the postponed  race, so Neil  in Vaago and some of us in Markate have agreed to race the race on Sunday 5th Sept 2021.  We will be delighted if you would promulgate this Race Notice and Sailing Instruction, also join us and in due course participate in the post race sociability.


Notice of Race: On 5 Sept 2021; start off Aberdour pier, to leeward of the Start Mark, at 12.30pm. The course is approximately 12 M.


Sailing Instructions:-Andy

The race authority will be the Aberdour Boat Club;

The race will be governed under the ISAF Rules , the Colregs and Forth Ports Bylaws all as currently in force, except as modified here below:-

  • All yachts will sail under current FYCA handicaps; restricted sail will be recognised if requested at time of entry;
  • No signals will be given and no amendments will be issued to these Instructions;
  • Yachts will self-time at Starting, at each Mark and at the Finish (which will also be at the Start Mark) and submit a log of their course incorporating these times, and the times of passing  any other competitors, by email to andy.carnduff@gmailcom  within 24 hours of finishing; The result will be based upon these logged data.
  • The Course shall encompass Inchcolm, Inch Garvie and Inch Mickery, but shall be further defined by passing existing buoys as follows:-
    • Aberdour Start Mark,
    • Cramond Start Mark which is a small orange buoy close North of Cramond Island, and
    • Port Edgar East Mark “K” which is a small orange mark close West of the central cantilever of the Forth Railway Bridge (and Inchgarvie) in approximate location 56*0.08N 3*23.45W. These passing marks are intended to ensure safe clearance from the submerged rocky extensions of the above islands.
  • A yacht may sail the course in any direction but her course, if drawn on the chart and represented by a string, shall if drawn taught, touch all of the above marks and islands.

Prizegiving will be made at the craning – out supper.



05 Sep 21


Start off Aberdour pier, to leeward of the Start Mark, at 12.30pm
12:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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