Trailer and Cradle moves

With good weather, calm waters on high tide and a “can do” attitude, an intrepid bunch of members achieved the seemingly impossible task of shifting nearly a ton of assorted metalworks from the pier to the dinghy park and back without said metalwork, or indeed someone, going overboard either by accident or by volition….!

The new trailer for Gingo was floated across the harbour without any massive, permanent structural damage being caused to either itself or the pier infrastructure, and Dex Mann’s cradles for Vennine were brought to the pier from the dinghy park, again with no apparent lasting physical or mental damage to kit or personnel (at the time of writing).

10 out of 10 to those who helped in a fully “hands on” capacity to deliver such an arduous task, and a small mention to those who <ahem> “supervised” the job from the safety and comfort of their new BMW tourer motorcycle. No names, no pack-drill (evening Commodore).

Thanks to Dave S for the video below and to him and the rest of the Committee for organising the move. Alex Lees and Dex M are most grateful for all the help given.

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