All members to be aware of Underwater Obstruction

Message from Roy Marrian, Convenor Aberdour Pier and Harbour Committee:


I have just discovered that a cope stone towards the end of the pier has been dislodged and is in the water between the rescue boat and the end of the pier. Please refrain from berthing here until we can arrange to have it moved. It could cause catastrophic damage to a hull if it lay down on it. I fail to see how this has happened -unless it was “helped” into the water. I have pinned a warning notice to the first ladder advising any visitors of the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation until we can resolve this.


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The Aberdour Boat Club was founded in 1930 and currently has over 100 members. We are located in the picturesque village of Aberdour in the Kingdom of Fife on the North shore of the River Forth.

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