Work Party 8th August – Review

Work Day – Massive Success!

The effort today put in today by all attendees, in oppressive heat, cannot be described as less than epic!

Those in attendance committed fully to making improvements to the middle shed, cutting back coastal pathway vegetation and tidying and laying down tracks into the dinghy park.

Truly, today was a perfect example of what can happen when friends old and new come together to share ideas and provide encouragement and support to achieve greatness(!).

Special mention to both Stuart Hislop for his help getting quarter of a ton of building materials directly to the dinghy park, and to Adam Maylin for his ne’er ending diligence, humour,  patience, well rounded advice and effort in ensuring all the workers today were constantly made available of their tools and supplies required to complete the defined tasks of the day set by the Commodore, and also for his great fun, laughter and humility in accepting the jokes of a well meaning webmaster whom may not have got those jokes right every time!! Thank you young man, we reckon you’re going to be one of the good ones going forward!



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